Children's stories for everyone, everywhere, in all languages

Welcome to Babl Books! We are dedicated to bringing you quality bilingual children's picture books. We partner with authors and illustrators to translate their books into a variety of languages. Each of our books is professionally designed with clear dual-language text. The main mission of Babl Books is to celebrate the diversity of language, which we believe is an integral part of a child’s education, identity, and culture.

We are currently building our “Established Authors & Illustrators“ series, which is made up of favorite out-of-print picture books.

Babl Books welcomes award-winning author and illustrator, Maryann Cocca-Leffler, to head up Content Acquisitions. With amazing titles such as "Princess K.I.M. And The Lie That Grew" and "Mr. Tanen's Ties," Maryann brings experience, talent, and a great desire to reach more children in their languages.

Inspired by her own Italian-American upbringing in Boston, Maryann’s book ideas come from her family, friends, and the people she meets along the way. Learn more about her and her work by clicking here

Babl Books now offers bilingual books by your favorite authors and illustrators. Keep watching this space; there's more to come!

Valeri Gorbachev

One Rainy Day