Nicole Tadgell


Nicole Tadgell is an award-winning illustrator of children’s books who specializes in multicultural picture books.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Nicole’s love of art began when she was a young girl. She loved to draw and color with her sister, and her early experiences with art led her to major in Studio Art at Wheaton College, where she took classes in drawing, painting, and sculpture, and realized that she wanted to illustrate for children after seeing that there was a lack of characters in books who looked like her. Since then, Nicole has illustrated over twenty children’s books and loves to visit schools and conduct art workshops. Her original watercolor paintings have been featured in several museums along the East Coast.

Nicole lives in Massachusetts with her husband, and is looking forward to publishing stories which she will both write and illustrate.

To see more of Nicole Tadgell’s art, please visit her website.

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