Chicken Boots

Chicken Boots

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By Sarah Barrera 

Nelly, a backyard hen, and Rose, a little girl, are an unlikely pair of best friends. Nelly and Rose do everything together, from cooking delicious food, to doing yard work, to blowing bubbles! When the weather turns cold and rainy, Rose doesn’t come outside to play with Nelly anymore. Nelly tries to do some of the things they love by herself, but it’s not the same without her best friend! Rose and Nelly must find a way to be together again despite the weather.

Join Nelly, Rose, and the rest of the family on their adventures and learn about the importance of friendship, while learning a new language! Based on a true story. 


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Beyond happy! I have purchased 2 of these books so far and plan getting more for future gifts. I have loved watching my grandson and great nephew enjoy the story of how Rose and Nelly became friends. We are waiting anxiously for more adventures to come! - Amazon Customer

A wonderful book for all ages! It sends a wonderful message about Friendship, being kind and Love. The authors attention to detail is perfection. Be sure and look for the hidden eggs. - Amazon Customer