Chicken Boots: Bad Dog!

Chicken Boots: Bad Dog!

from 9.99

By Sarah Barrera 

Nelly and Rose are back again, but this time, Kramer the dog is driving Nelly crazy! He takes naps in the coop, he devours all of the treats, and worst of all, Kramer takes up all of Rose’s time! Nelly feels neglected and forgotten as Rose and Kramer play together, but when Rose begins to include Nelly in their activities, Nelly discovers that Kramer isn’t so bad after all, and that it’s more fun when they all play together.

Join Nelly, Rose, and Kramer on this new set of adventures and learn about patience, friendship, and teamwork, all while learning a new language! 


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wonderful book about developing friendship. A great lesson about patience, kindness and team work. The author has a nice approach using love and logic. A great book for all. - Amazon Customer

We loved this 2nd book!!! - Amazon Customer