How Many Mice?

How Many Mice?

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By Michael Garland 

Ten hungry mice set off to find food, collecting cherries and tomatoes in the meadow and corn in the field. However, they’re not the only animals searching for food! The mice have to run away from crows, a fish, a fox, and an owl, losing more of their food with each encounter. Will the mice ever get to enjoy their meal? And if they do, will they have enough food?

As your young ones join the mice on their adventure, they’ll be able to practice their elementary math skills as they help the mice count their spoils with each new page, all while learning a new language! 


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“Each spread challenges readers to count, do mental math or search the illustration for a specific item. A boon for educators teaching word problems, this is sure to be a hit with every child who likes to seek and find.” - Kirkus

“...The mice are so lively and cute, they entice to count the food they gathered and lost, and than gathered, fun way to train addition and subtraction skills.” - Amazon Customer