How to Eat a Rainbow

How to Eat a Rainbow

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Written by Delia Berlin Illustrated by Evelyn Haupt 

“Nicole didn’t know what to expect. Each taste surprised her.” Nicole loves rainbows and her dinosaur collection. She is also a picky eater who refuses to eat fruits and vegetables. When she notices how colorful and unexpectedly tasty her friends’ lunches are, she imagines how nice it would be to taste a rainbow, and wonders how she can ask for the fruits and vegetables she has always refused to eat. With the help of her dinosaurs and her mother, Nicole finally learns how she can eat a rainbow of foods!

This book was written to inspire children to try new and colorful foods. As your children see how Nicole learns to eat a rainbow, they will want to eat a rainbow too, all while learning a new language!


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Do you know a child who refuses to eat fruits and vegetables? Then get that child this delightful story about a girl who finds that she likes a friend's fruit, but does not know how to ask for fruit at home. But she has a collection of dinosaurs, each a different color. So, how do you think she figures out how to ask for colorful foods? Get the book and find out. - Amazon Customer

Great book! - Amazonn Customer