I Like Your Buttons!

I Like Your Buttons!

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Written by Sarah Lamstein Illustrated by Nancy Cote  

“I like your buttons, Mrs. Sutton-Jones!” Kind words can be contagious. Cassandra’s simple compliment to her teacher starts off a chain reaction of kindness through the teachers and students at school, adults at work, and families at home. Soon, the entire neighborhood is in a good mood! Cassandra’s kindheartedness comes full circle when her father comes home with a surprise, which Cassandra inadvertently helped happen.

Learn how quickly kind words can spread and how easy it is to be a nice person, all while learning a new language! 

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“What goes around, comes around—literally, figuratively, every which way in this do-good, feel-good title.” - Kirkus

“This simple but compelling story teaches children that a smile and a kind word gives people a sense of pride in themselves and a desire to do something nice for others.” - Children’s Literature Review

"The cartoon-style art has lots of vigor and features a multiethnic community that is linked by good will." - Booklist