Rainy Days with Bear

Rainy Days with Bear


Written by Maureen Hull Illustrated by Leanne Franson

It seems the rain outside will never stop, but that's no problem for a resourceful Bear with unlimited imagination and a thirst to see the world! Bear's colorful journeys to faraway lands and playful interaction with his friend, the writer, are guaranteed to chase away those rainy-day blues! This book touches on the topic of international culture; the touching text and enchanting illustrations will encourage readers to exercise their imaginations to battle boredom.

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“Rainy Days with Bear is one of my favorite children's books and very underrated. I love this book, it narrates the tale of a writer and his bear, which bored with the rain and imagines himself on dozens of adventures; and great book to introduce children to "let's pretend games" and a great book to remind grown ups to use their imaginations.” - Amazon Customer