Santa Claus Was Once a Kid Too

Santa Claus Was Once a Kid Too

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Written by Philip Scharper Illuatrated by Tara Hannon 

Santa Claus was once a kid too, and like many other children, he didn’t always listen to his parents. One December, he discovers that it may have been wrong not to, as he winds up sick with the flu right before Christmas! The doctor tells Santa to stay in bed, but how will he make his Christmas deliveries? Reindeer Comet, Dibbles, and Nibbles come to the rescue to help Santa deliver all of his presents to the good little boys and girls as Santa learns his lesson about taking his parents’ advice.

Join Santa as he asks his friends for help delivering presents and learn about the importance of listening to your parents, all while learning a new language! 


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"Whoever thought to write about Santa as a boy...and the lesson he learned about the importance of listening to his parents. A fun story with a great moral for the kids." - Amazon Customer