Speed of the Dark

Speed of the Dark

from 9.99

Written by Patrick Swidler Illustrated by Natalie Curtiss 

“The laws of physics say it’s impossible, and his friends tell him the same. But Mike works as hard as he can to accomplish his goal.” Mike dreams of traveling faster than the speed of light. He studies and studies his physics and math, and eventually comes up with a spaceship that goes so fast even the light cannot catch it! When Mike comes back, he can’t wait to tell his friends about his adventure. However, he discovers that his friends have aged, even though he was only gone for a moment! How can that be?
As your curious young explorers join Mike on his journey through time and space, they will learn about physics, time travel, and the importance of having lifelong friends to share their adventures with, all while learning a new language!


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"A perfect blend of childish fun and intellect, which is sure to entertain not only children, but the adults who read them the book alike. I read this book to my nephew the other night and he loved it. We need more children's books like this, which causes them to actually think about what is being read to them. The illustrations coupled with the story are sure to capture your child's attention, and leave them with a smile on their face." - Amazon Customer

"This has quickly become one of my children's' favorite books! The illustrations are beautiful and the story is both informative and captivating. It's a fun, refreshing take on the physical world and I'm looking forward to many more read-throughs. I strongly recommend this if you either have children or are simply looking for a short story that provokes more thought than the norm." - Amazon Customer