The Tragic Tale of Mr. Moofs

The Tragic Tale of Mr. Moofs


By Rick Billings 

“When I was little my best friend was Mr. Moofs.” Mr. Moofs is a small stuffed moose with a very big heart. Sister Bethany hates Mr. Moofs; she cuts off his antler, puts him through the washing machine, and even tries to give him away at the yard sale! However, they somehow become inseparable as Bethany begins to bring Mr. Moofs everywhere with her, from her garden parties to the doctor’s office and even when she runs away from home! What changed?
“When I was little my best friend was Mr. Moofs. Somehow he became my sister’s best friend too. And he never said a word…” Join Mr. Moofs on his adventures with Bethany and see what strange predicaments they’ll get into next, all while learning a new language!


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"Mr. Moofs is absolutely (not tragically) wonderful!" - Amazon Customer

“Brilliant! There is a cute story here, with wonderful illustrations. It's a book that you will want to read again and again, just to view the drawings again.” - Amazon Customer