The Wishing Ball

The Wishing Ball


By Elisa Kleven

Nellie is a stray cat who wishes she had a house to live in, warm meals, and a best friend. When a crafty crow overhears her wishing, he decides to play a trick on her for his own amusement - which is how Nellie ends up putting all her faith in a rubber ball she believes to be a magic star that grants wishes. But even though it's not a magic star, the rubber ball turns out to be just what Nellie needs. When the ball bounces out of her grasp, Nellie chases it into a faraway town, and one by one, all of her wishes come true. 

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“The Wishing Ball is a wonderful story that speaks to the very deepest, most intimate places of our own human needs: safety, shelter, food, comfort, hope, belonging, friendship, beauty, knowledge, ownership, voice, desire, empathy, love, family, and happiness. So many universal themes are packed into this little book, and each theme makes a fantastic discussion point for class story hour, family time, bedtime, etc.” - Amazon Customer