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- ALA 2016 Orlando

Great article on the Annual ALA Conference in Orlando, where Babl Books exhibited in the Diversity Pavilion.

- Writer's Rumpus

"Parents can read the same story to their children in one language or the other, taking turns each time they read. That way kids learn both languages. A child will like the fact that the book is in both English and another language, because they identify with the book. That’s them! The child speaks two languages, and the book is in two languages, and they like that. It’s more personal."


“The education industry is finally ready for both incremental and disruptive digital innovation, and now we are seeing top-notch talent from around the world building business models that work.”

- LearnLaunch Blog

"We knew LearnLaunch would help provide support and useful resources for Bab'l Books, but we didn't know to what extent. Here's how LearnLaunch launched us into success."

- Trilingual Mama

"My business partner and I grew up in multilingual households, and learning our second (and third!) languages was incredibly important to us. It seemed like many publishers just weren’t interested in serving the multilingual market because they deemed it too niche. We want to change that!"

- My Spanish Familia

"It’s good to learn different languages. I like books in Spanish and English because my mom can read the English parts and my dad can read the Spanish parts."