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Welcome to Babl Books! We are dedicated to bringing you quality bilingual children's picture books. We partner with authors and illustrators to translate their books into a variety of languages. Each of our books is professionally designed with clear two-language text. Babl Books celebrates the diversity of language, which we believe is an integral part of a child’s education, identity and culture.

From "Time to Say Bye-Bye"

Award Winning Author Joins the Babl Team

Babl Books welcomes award-winning author and illustrator, Maryann Cocca-Leffler to head up Content Acquisitions. With amazing titles such as "Princess K.I.M. And The Lie That Grew" and "Mr. Tanen's Ties," Maryann brings experience, talent, and a great desire to reach more children in their language.

Inspired by her own Italian-American upbringing in Boston, Maryann’s book ideas come from her family and the people she meets along the way. Learn more about her and her work by clicking here

Read what customers are saying about our books

— C. Shen ★★★★★
Comprei o livro em português e achei a história muito boa para crianças pequenas, com imagens bem bonitinhas e bem feitas!
Minha esposa leu para nosso filho de um ano e meio e ele adorou, ficou brincando com o kindle!
— Lucas ★★★★★
Mình mua quyển sách này cho cháu gái, và thực sự rất thích. Bé gần đây mới lên ba, và chúng mình muốn bé học cả tiếng Anh và Việt. Câu chuyện rất hay và giản đơn, dễ đọc, hình vẽ cũng sinh động. Cháu mình làm quen với các nhân vật trong truyện và giờ có thể tự kể lại chuyện cho cả nhà.
— Dean ★★★★★
We wanted our daughter’s grandparents to be able to read with her. But they weren’t comfortable in English, and we struggled to find quality books in Hindi or Gujarati they could share together. Bab’l has been great! We can throw some stories on the Kindle app and keep hardcopies for the grandparents, and it all has the quality we expect for our daughter.
— Sheela ★★★★★
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